Scouting: Remansito and cazuela de surubí – Asunción

Scouting Asunción

Cazuela de Surubí When I arrived in Asunción, in Paraguay, my friend Os, told me about Remansito and Cazuela de surubí. It’s a neighborhood and a dish. Prepared with a fish that lives in the rivers of Paraguay, Brazil, and Bolivia. Its flavor is light, and the taste is delicious. Surubí So, I asked him […]

How to prepare Mate

How to prepare Mate

How to prepare Mate Mate is one of these drinks that either you hate or love. Its robust taste makes it difficult to experiment for the first time. But once the flavor has been in your mouth couple of times (and with the help of some additions like honey or orange zest), you’re going to […]

Scouting: São Paulo, Brazil

Mirante Efêmero

Scouting São Paulo At the beginning of this trip, I wasn’t thinking about creating a blog about cooking with friends from different countries. Neither that I would be thinking about starting new sections, and that is very exciting to me. Let’s scout in São Paulo. This is one more effort to improve the content quality, creating […]

Argentinian Asado

How to make Argentinian Asado

How to make Argentinian Asado Hey everyone, want to learn How to make Argentinian Asado? Then you came to the right place! This time, I traveled to Buenos Aires, where I met Sol and Balta. Once I told them about the Nomad Cook project, they were also excited to collaborate documenting how to make a […]

Argentinian Alfajores and Conitos

Preparing Alfajores in Bariloche

Alfajores in Bariloche I have to admit my addiction to chocolate and Dulce de Leche. If you put them together in a piece of deliciousness, you obtain alfajores. After watching this, you’re going to understand why I couldn’t stop eating alfajores in Bariloche. Welcome back to Nomad Cook! This time we are in San Carlos de […]