Scouting: Barrero land of chipa

Barrero, land of chipa

This time, I visited Barrero, land of chipa, to learn some more about this bread, filled with delicious cheese. So, we drove all the way to Eusebio Ayala, better known as Barrero; 2 hours away from Asuncion, to visit María Ana, also known as The Queen of the Chipa. And as a great queen, she takes care of her people.

This land has a queen

I came to learn about chipa, but I ended up re-learning from María Ana, queen of the land of chipa; that happiness from helping others is indeed possible (and sustainable).

After enjoying our last adventure in Remansito, join me on this journey to Barrero, Paraguay. Land of Chipa, to discover some of the great and progressive work ideas that María Ana shares with us for the sake of making great quality chipas to help her community and family. Also, she let me go into the chipa kitchen to roll some chipa rings. I would’ve loved to be there for the dough preparation, but some logistic issues didn’t let us be there earlier than that.

Some of the principles of her model

  • 3-day work, 3-day rest for the people that work at the chipería.
  • Workers children have to finish school (they have a good salary for that)
  • She’s one more colleague, not the boss.
  • María Ana is wealthy because she’s healthy, she uses the money for the people.

She’s a very humble person, and I was not able to publish the whole talk she and I had because of the format of this video. But I can guarantee you that I left the chipería with lots of valuable lessons. But overall, wanting to go back to get more chipas.

In case you’re wondering how to get there. Here is the map. Just drive east from Asunción and pass Luque, Areguá, and Caacupé then keep that direction until you make it to Eusebio Ayala. You’ll notice you’re there because you are going to start seeing chiperas on the side of the road.

Thanks to Helce for the camera work and for taking me there.

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