Scouting: Barrero land of chipa

Barrero, Paraguay. Land of Chipa

Barrero, land of chipa This time, I visited Barrero, land of chipa, to learn some more about this bread, filled with delicious cheese. So, we drove all the way to Eusebio Ayala, better known as Barrero; 2 hours away from Asuncion, to visit María Ana, also known as The Queen of the Chipa. And as a […]

Scouting: Remansito and cazuela de surubí – Asunción

Scouting Asunción

Cazuela de Surubí When I arrived in Asunción, in Paraguay, my friend Os, told me about Remansito and Cazuela de surubí. It’s a neighborhood and a dish. Prepared with a fish that lives in the rivers of Paraguay, Brazil, and Bolivia. Its flavor is light, and the taste is delicious. Surubí So, I asked him […]

Scouting: São Paulo, Brazil

Mirante Efêmero

Scouting São Paulo At the beginning of this trip, I wasn’t thinking about creating a blog about cooking with friends from different countries. Neither that I would be thinking about starting new sections, and that is very exciting to me. Let’s scout in São Paulo. This is one more effort to improve the content quality, creating […]