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Chilean Porotos, Cazuela and Pebre

Let's discover Chilean Gastronomy

Welcome to the very first episode of the Nomad Cook, a project focused on the human part of cooking. This time we are talking about Chilean food. I went to Valparaíso, Chile to visit my friend Antonio, and he showed us his kitchen secrets.

First things first! We needed ingredients, so Antonio took us to Mercado El Cardonal, a traditional market in the heart of Valpo. People usually go to buy their produce and groceries there. I got a little surprise there when one of the guys there knew I was Mexican, a non-much spicy surprise, though.

After the market, we drove back home and started chopping onions and potatoes, peeling squashes and, of course, drinking some strong Pisco to warm up the engines, well, Pisco is also are part of Chilean food, isn’t it?

Antonio decided to prepare three main dishes; Cazuela a beef broth with vegetables and potato, creamy and delicious. Porotos are cooked beans and seasoned with cilantro, other spices, herbs, and chorizo. And last but not least, Pebre, a tasty sauce made out of chopped tomatoes, onion, ají sauce, coriander, and oil.

Please enjoy this video and if you like it, give me some love and share it on social media. This episode is just the beginning, and I’d appreciate if you support me spreading the word.

Nomad Cook plans to keep publishing

I’m currently working on the next video; there’s always room for improvement. Any feedback is valuable and helpful, I know this is a long video, but I’ll be working on making shorter ones and splitting them down into fewer recipes/dishes per delivery. I hope you enjoyed this experience as I did, this time was Chilean food but soon, I’m going to Argentina, to learn more about some of their gastronomy and traditions.

I’m very excited about this project so, thanks again and stay tuned for the next video.

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