Cultivo Tiradentes

Cultivo Tiradentes

After preparing Minas Gerais food, I visited Cultivo Tiradentes; I got invited by the staff of Cultivo Bistrô to try out their delicious food and concept; and had a pleasant conversation with Daniel, co-owner of Cultivo.

Tiradentes is one of my favorite towns from my trip through South America; I also took one of my favorite photos there. It is a small and tranquil town 30 minutes away from São João del Rei, a bigger city closer to Belo Horizonte, capital of the state.

Besides my Nomad Cook Instagram account, I post no food photos from my trips and life here. You’re more than welcome to follow me. I promise I’ll keep posting good quality photos on a regular basis.

Local food culture in Tiradentes

Daniel prepared corn and parsley appetizers and poured me local craft beer and cachaça. It was delicious, a good company for the fine conversation we had that weekend in Tiradentes.

When Daniel received me in Cultivo Tiradentes kitchen. We chatted about vegetarian food; Daniel mentions that in Brazilian culture, meat is almost always the center of the dish. Also, how important is to demystify vegetarian meals as something we all can eat even if we are not vegetarian. There are great options beyond salads, lettuce, and tomato, it doesn’t have to be boring.

It’s a tradition in Minas Gerais to go to drink to bars with friends to eat appetizers and drink beer. This state of Brazil took me by surprise with the amount of local craft beer I found. But overall, all the great food that they have. Cultivo Tiradentes is a great effort to keep that offer up and also giving vegetarian options.

Tiradentes has a big gastronomic culture. He also talks about supporting local producers. And how business owners help and support each other by sharing knowledge and experiences. I loved this sense of community.

I appreciate the help of Daniel and Isabella, she couldn’t be there that day, but the support of both of them made this video possible.

Audio is in Portuguese but remember that you can activate subtitles in video settings.

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