Los Sabores del Conflicto

Los Sabores del Conflicto is a documentary that talks about women of the region of Buenaventura, Colombia. This region suffered massacres some years ago and is still recovering from the armed conflict. Cooking has helped them to get ahead after losing relatives or had to abandon their places and leave everything behind.

In the last months, after traveling through Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile. I have been very focused on other aspects related to food and cooking in the places I visited. Colombia was not the exception. When I arrived in Boquía, I told my friends Álvaro and Luisa about my project and this social approach. So they said to me about this documentary, and I reached out to try to get a hold of them. And we made this video; I felt the strength of those women and their stories so, I felt the need of helping to spread it.

Join me in this small approach to the creator and one of the protagonists of Los Sabores del Conflicto to know a little more about it while it comes to public light.


I was able to visit Buenaventura and try their delicious food and to hang out at the beach. This city is beautiful, but you can also see how much poverty is still there. It is a black community (or most of it), and some regions of the city look very forgotten by the government. People are amicable and helpful.

Thanks to Juliana Moreno, director of Los Sabores del Conflicto for all the help for the creation of this video. And thanks to Ana Alicia from Buenaventura for having me and for feeding me with so much delicious food. But above all, thanks for all the love I received during my stay in Colombia.

The Documentary

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