Minas Gerais Food

Minas Gerais Food

When people around the world think of Brazilian food, some dishes like feijoada will come to your mind, maybe, if you have some Brazilian friends you’ve heard about pão de queijo. But inside of this big and beautiful country. Minas Gerais food is famous for being delicious.

The state of MG

This state is where most of the gold extraction happened when the Portuguese people colonized Brazil; its name means General Mines. And also a region in the country where used to have more slavery. Ouro Preto used to be the capital back in the day when the area used to be more prosperous.

Minas Gerais has a big food culture; many dishes from here are just delicious and other ones that taste better here; especially the cheese-based ones, because of the high-quality cheese production in the state.


This little town in the south of the state is a very relaxed place and has some beautiful landscapes. But overall, with lovely food culture, along with São João del Rei and the capital Belo Horizonte.

So I traveled here to learn more about the food from Minas Gerais and met Edson, who runs a little restaurant that specializes in comida mineira. Each day of the week he offers a different dish from here. So he accepted gladly to share with us some of his work and culture. After that day, I found another gem in Tiradentes: Cultivo.

Let’s prepare some food!

This time we have three dishes in the video. All of them delicious and Edson suggested to cook them all, and I couldn’t refuse such a great offer. I just tried to include them in the more dynamic way I could sum up the cooking process. Sorry if this is too quick. Please enjoy!!

Feijão Tropeiro

Feijão means bean.

Tropeiro means something like horseman or muleteer.

In the old days, in Minas Gerais, there were those men that took animals and dried meat with them to provide the gold extraction areas in Minas Gerais. So they needed some food to take with them during the long journeys from the south to the north. Beans with flour and meat would do the job. Needless to mention that this dish was named after them.

Frango com Ora Pronobis and frango com Quiabo

Frango means chicken.

The other two dishes are chicken-based. Those are made with two kinds of ingredients, one herb called Ora Pronobis, which can be found virtually anywhere and has a delicious flavor and texture. The other ingredient is quiabo, a plant known in English as Okra. Both of them add a nice and delightful taste to the dishes.

These dishes are a little sample from all the Minas Gerais food. Next food video will also be from this state. One of my favorite foods in the world, stay tuned.

Remember that captions are available in the video settings.

Thanks so much to Edson for cooking and sharing with us. Also to Otavio and Kamila from Hostel Tiradentes for the help with the camera work and logistics to create this content. Thanks to Silvia, Julia and Coletivo Cigarra for the music for this video.

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