A Story of a Nomad that tells Stories

A Story of a Nomad

This time, as I promised in my previous video from Cochabamba, I have an update. I’m gonna talk about how this project changed since the beginning until the present. I’m going to tell you a story of a Nomad, a Nomad Cook. One of the most critical moments of this journey, happened when I was in Sucre, capital of Bolivia.

It all began when I was traveling in Valparaíso, Chile. A couple of friends and I decided to cook together some local food, and I decided to film it. This experience ended up being the very first episode of this project. As simple as it is, with no other purpose than explore the content and video creation discipline, which I’m still learning.

If you browse through my past videos, you’ll find many food & travel videos. However, in my Youtube channel, I’ve been publishing some content on this note. Stories with a social tone, and stories about projects that are worth it. Always from the human perspective.

The story of a Nomad continues. I got some clues about what would be the route that this project would take. One of those things I realized, was that I wanted to use my videos to help to show other people’s lives or at least make a positive impact on them. I kept doing it during my travels.

Storytelling for People

A New Perspective

When I arrived in Sucre, my friend Paola introduced me to Alan and Bismark, managers of Cóndor Café and Cóndor Trekkers, and when they told me more about what those nonprofits do, I was immediately hooked and I offered to volunteer for them to make a video to show what they do to improve the communities around Sucre. It’s important to say that living this experience taught me a path that I knew I was looking for, I just didn’t see it clearly before. In this video, I tell a fragment of a story of a Nomad. I hope you enjoy it and inspires you in any possible way.

This video was originally published on Condor Cafe’s fan page. We collaborated to produce it, and now I’m re-publishing it here on my channel.

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