Scouting: Remansito and cazuela de surubí – Asunción

Cazuela de surubí

When I arrived in Asunción, in Paraguay, my friend Os, told me about Remansito and Cazuela de surubí. It’s a neighborhood and a dish. Prepared with a fish that lives in the rivers of Paraguay, Brazil, and Bolivia. Its flavor is light, and the taste is delicious.


So, I asked him if he could take me there to try it out. Beforehand, I had the opportunity to try it out in a different dish, albóndigas de surubí in Asunción downtown. So we drove all the way there. It took us around 30 min to get there. People go there usually during the weekends. By the way, I have to say that Os and I went out for some drinks the night before and then some of his friends invited us to dance, and I was a bit hungover the morning we went to eat. This experiment was only done for research purposes, to demonstrate how good the Cazuela is to help with the hangover symptoms.

Verdict? 100% helpful, I left the place feeling much better after trying out the Cazuela de Surubí

Las Delicias

Even though, Remansito has a lot of small, family-owned restaurants (and you should probably visit any of them) my heart was with the little family running this place called Las Delicias. Rafaela has been running this business for years, and they have a particular recipe to share with us.

No more words needed, just hit that play button and enjoy that delicious Cazuela de Surubí.

As I mention in the video, I’m always open to suggestions for this scouting section, if you have a place you want me to explore and show here, send me a message here in the website or message me on my Instagram account.

Usually, when people think about traveling in South America, Paraguay is not considered in the main destinations, well, that’s a bit unfair, because there are so many food and cultural options to check out. Just like this fantastic hidden gem located at the north of Asunción.

Thanks to Os for the camera work and for showing me Asunción and its hidden gems. If you visit Asunción, don’t miss out visiting the most iconic and famous Chipería; María Ana.

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