Scouting: São Paulo, Brazil

Scouting São Paulo

At the beginning of this trip, I wasn’t thinking about creating a blog about cooking with friends from different countries. Neither that I would be thinking about starting new sections, and that is very exciting to me. Let’s scout in São Paulo.

This is one more effort to improve the content quality, creating a new section; Scouting. I’ll be recommending places to visit and eat deliciously, during my trip to different cities and countries.

Nobody pays me for this. I’ll recommend places because I liked them or because I think they have something great to offer.

Mirante Efêmero

If you’re in São Paulo, don’t miss out the opportunity to try out this amazing, and laid back restaurant in the heart of Avenida Paulista. Behind the MASP, you’ll find this delicious traditional Brazilian food hidden gem. Also, don’t forget to grab a coffee, whether an espresso or a cappuccino.

Just have in mind that the Mirante 9 de Julho (the name of the public space where Mirante Efêmero lives) doesn’t open on Mondays. So if you’re visiting the museum, that is a must stop afterward; either for lunch or dinner.

What is great about this place?

This project has too many good things. How not to like it?

  • It serves regional and high-quality food from Brazil at a very reasonable price considering São Paulo prices in general. Check the current menu here.
  • It supports chefs that want to start a business but don’t have the business knowledge. Teaching them how actually to run a real restaurant.
  • They have to create a company to participate.
  • This year they are working almost only with women, because of the difficulties they experience in the industry. Mostly because of sexism.
  • The Mirante 9 de Julho is a rescued public city space. And the restaurant Mirante Efêmero is contributing to creating community and supporting talented chefs projects.
  • They also have great coffee. Or tea for the ones that prefer it.
  • The food is just delicious, trust me on that. And that’s the drive of this website so, please enjoy and let me know how did you like it on the Youtube video comments.

Please enjoy the video and stay tuned for the next ones. Next time I have one more surprise from Argentina.

Thanks to Lira Yuri, Priscila Nonaka and Livia Calixto (not in video) for the help in the creation of this content. Also to Sergio Pineda for the camera work. And to Ariane Alves for the assistance with Portuguese translation and transcript.

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