Update on COVID-19

Many things have changed in the last weeks and this pandemic is far from being done. In Mexico, the population, the federal and local authorities are still working on flattening the Covid-19 curve.

The spread of the virus in Oaxaca is still not controlled. In all Mexico we’re catching up with the virus in these days. The city is not ready to go back to open the economic activity as it was before the national campaign “Quédate en Casa” Stay at Home started.

As I stated before, the main source of income has stopped drastically. It’s a matter of time until we run out of oxygen. Then, it’s our responsibility to keep the head above the water. By the way, if you like what we are doing with the stories we tell, please consider contributing to this project via Patreon, a platform that helps us to survive as well. We are going to be working on updating the perks and rewards for our Patrons there.

The tourism industry is severely affected, and Oaxaca is not the exception. But I’m working on other options to keep providing the same services that Nomad Cook has been offering.

Like many other businesses in the service industry, there’s an impact. It’s our responsibility to keep offering the best service as possible, without compromising anyone’s safety. Until further notice, we are cancelling all the classes indefinitely. I won’t be teaching them until it’s safe for everyone.

Stay safe and healthy. Look after your community and yourself.

June 27th, 2020.

Luis Hernandez.

Founder of Nomad Cook