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Clase de Moles Veganos

Vegan Mole cooking class is one of my favorite ones. These pastes are traditionally made out of peppers (Chiles), nuts, herbs, and other fruits (yes, pepper are fruits). They toasting usually happens on a Comal (a clay-pan) and then all ground on a Metate. It sounds like an easy task, but in some places, this preparation process could take a whole week to prepare.
The older records of Mole are before the colonization of Mexico by the Spaniards. According to the codex that some of the priests wrote and drew (and the most accepted record of pre-colonization traditions and history), Mole origins are sun-dried and toasted peppers with tomatillo, pumpkin seeds, and toasted corn as well.
Then when Spaniards brought their ingredients and the indigenous women were taken to the kitchens as servants, they were introduced to a new set of components, as in pepper, anis, sesame seeds, and bread. After centuries of mixings and evolution of the gastronomy, the Mole recipes evolved; because there’s no single recipe, there are hundreds. Every state has its variants of Mole, even in places like Oaxaca with more than 500 municipalities, we can find more than 500 different variations.

Join us in a fun ride to our kitchen in the Etla Valley, north of Oaxaca City to share the table over roasting and preparing the ingredients for cooking two delicious Moles. We are going to meet and buy the ingredients in the market, then we’re going to drive to our cooking studio in the Etla Valley to put all hands on deck and eat afterwards.

El mole puede ser vegano

Con la llegada de la carne de cerdo a la gastronomía mexicana y con ella, la manteca de cerdo; esta fue una adición posterior a la receta original. La grasa añade sabor a la pasta, pero no es obligatorio usarla. Las semillas de calabaza y ajonjolí añaden textura y grasa al producto final. Si queremos añadir más aceite, el aceite vegetal puede hacer el trabajo de la misma manera sin comprometer el resultado final.


Research made by people interested in El Mole and the gastronomy of Mexico, there are many theories of the origin of this sauce. The most accepted one is the one that says that Mole means Salsa (sauce) in Nahuatl.

I cannot recommend the vegan mole class enough. It was informative, engaging, and not only did I learn how to make mole, I also learned how to be a better cook. The teacher is so kind and knowledgeable about the history of food and culture in the area. I love that we went to the market and a mill to grind up the mole negro. The food was amazing and honestly, I can’t believe I even contributed to it. He’s an amazing chef and an even better person! If we were in the area longer, we’d take his other classes.

Alysha H.

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El sabor del mole viene de los chiles, las nueces, las frutas, las hierbas...

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