Luna: A Love and Cooking Story

Luna: A Love and Cooking Story

Luna is a girl that loves her family, specially her grandfather. Cooking is a passion for them and this is their story.

This story happens in Mexico City in the 70’s. Did you know that back in the day, there used to be buses that were called Delfines? They received this name because they had a plate on the side with the shape of a dolphin.

Luna: A Love and Cooking Story

About the e-book

Luna: A Love and Cooking Story is a free e-book. It’s a short story that combines a fiction story and a cookbook so, it’s a bit experimental. It also includes some beautiful illustrations and the recipes included in the story.

Luna: A Love and Cooking Story

This fiction story is my first one, and the first one I publish, independently. I like to think that other narratives are possible and characters are more than good or bad, they all have emotions and feel like we humans do. That’s why I decided to write it like that. I hope you enjoy it. As you will be able to read, English is not my first language so you might find some grammatical mistakes. Even if an editor took care of the revision of the text, I decided to take some licenses and keep my personal style in some sections. If you also speak Spanish, you’ll be able to detect the influence of this language in Luna.


I believe times change and we need to adapt to them. Nomad Cook is my best example. They say, put your money where your mouth is and I’ve been working on this project as a way to build community locally, and globally with a group of people that believe in myself and have given to me so much. It’s my turn to give something back to the world.

This e-book has NO COPYRIGHT. It’s issued under a Creative Commons license that allows you to share it without any restriction. If you want to give it as a gift, use it in your classes, print it, or share content from it in your social media or other publications, you are free to do so. You’re only required to include a link to this page.

If you want to print it and sell copies of this book, my only request is that you use that profit for a good cause like a crowdfunding, even if it’s for your personal gain, please use it to build and create community, wherever you are. You’re only required to maintain the credits in the book and include a link to this page.

I’ll ask you for your name and e-mail. Only to have a count of the total downloads, I’ll send you no spam or sign you up to any mailing list or newsletter. Unless you select that option.

Luna: A Love & Cooking Story by Luis Hernandez. Nomad Cook is licensed under Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

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Why no copyright?

  • It’s a way of protesting against people that have used copyright to appropriate collective knowledge; especially from vulnerable groups.
  • The knowledge I have and have obtained, doesn’t belong to me. The recipes included in this book have been shared to me and even though I have modified them to my taste, I’m not the owner.
  • I believe knowledge and stories should be collective, something shared, even if there’s an author or compiler.
  • I consider copyright and patents are tools to privatice knowledge and the benefit from that knowledge, even by private investing, most of the timeis obtained from collectivity.

Thanks for making all the way until here.