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Making a Living is Resisting


In the current state of the world, if you hustle to make a living, you probably struggle. Either because you chose it or you have no other option.

Inequality forces many people to work more hours for less money. The way someone looks or their place of origin, even their gender, defines their work’s value.

That inequality also makes it harder for many people to have access to expensive and prohibitive storytelling services.

In a world of big carbon footprints, those who create, on a small and local scale, are making this world better. That is something that should be encouraged, not difficult to execute.

Easy Access to Tools & Resources

Nomad Cook

Projects and people that care about their community and the human value of work deserve easy access to promote their stories, efforts, products, or services.

Storytelling is an essential tool for small projects to connect with their clients and audience.

Nomad Cook offers photography, videography, social media consulting, website design, SEO consulting, writing consulting, translation, graphic design, social media management.

Collaborative Economy & Community


As in the Milpa, community is everything. Developing long-lasting bonds and relationships gives us everyone more value than only monetary transactions. Caring about each other makes us stronger.

  • Exchange. Not everything is about money; we can exchange services/products.
  • Pay-what-you-can. When you can.
  • Pro-bono. If your situation currently doesn’t allow you to pay with anything, send me a message here, and we can try to work it out.

Do you think it’s non-sense? This project is sustained differently, support it here if you feel like.

The Stories

In the current state of the world, mass media tells us the stories that they want us to hear. But they are selective and tell us a commercial vision. As an alternative, I want to tell stories about real, hardworking people. The ones that strive, the ones that hustle. I want to tell stories from people that struggle to make a living because of their skin color, because of their ethnicity, because of their gender, because of the way they look.

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