About Nomad Cook

Nomad Cook is a project that aims to provide storytelling services to people and projects that cannot have access to them. Photography, video production, social media consulting and management, web design, SEO consulting, copywriting, translation, and graphic design. Besides, developing a local and collaborative economy, where all the members take care of each other.

I believe all projects that are doing something to improve their communities, and the world (and lack resources) deserve to have access to high-quality storytelling services.

In a globalized world and profit-oriented economies, Nomad Cook aims to create value in the relationships and the strength that many members can create together to improve our reality. Value exists on stability, friendship, mutual support, more human value of work. Profits are a tool, not the ultimate goal. Art, storytelling, and photography being some of the engines to keep this model going. Stay tuned to the latest updates on the results by following the Macheteando series in the blog.

Nomad Cook

Who's behind this project?

My name is Luis Hernandez. After working for 18 years for corporations and startups in the tech industry, I understood that I needed to do something else to make a broader impact on my community and for humankind.
In 2018, I started a Food&Travel videos project while roaming in South America. That’s where I got this project name. However, along the way, I ran into some non-profits that were positively impacting their communities. I used to volunteer for other organizations, though, this was the first time I did it creating content.
The project started to take a more social approach. I started trying to create content to feature local people by showing the food prepared by them. I realized I was making an actual impact by featuring them in the videos, especially by making them feel someone was interested in their work. With the power of a camera, I was already giving something to them.
Ideally, I would like to make this business model replicable by anyone around the world. That is what keeps moving me every day I wake up.