Nomad Cook

About Nomad Cook

Nomad Cook is a project that aims to provide storytelling services to people and projects that cannot have access to them.

After working for 18 years for private corporations, startups, and mainly in the tech industry, I understood that I needed to do something else to make a broader impact on my community and for humankind.

In 2017, I started traveling, and a Food&Travel videos project while roaming in South America, that’s where we got our name. However, along the way, I discovered some non-profits that were making a positive impact in their communities. I used to volunteer for other organizations, but this was the first time I did it creating content for them.

The project started to take a more social approach, I started trying to create content to feature culture and traditions by showing the local food prepared by local people. Eventually, I realized that I was making an actual impact, by featuring people in my videos, or by providing them with the tools so they can tell their own stories.

I understood that storytelling should be the cornerstone of this project. Telling stories to make an impact became the headline of Nomad Cook. Providing those services to projects that cannot afford to pay high prices for photography, video, and web design services.
I believe all projects that are doing something to improve their communities, and the world (and lack resources,) deserve to have access to high-quality storytelling services.