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Nomad Cook. Software Development. Why I left

Software Development: Why I left

Eight years ago I worked in software development, one of my last jobs was as a freelancer for one of the largest brokerage firms in Mexico. I was making their mobile app. I myself at the time was thrilled when I was finally able to get that client. However, after

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Cultural Appropriation in Food. Nomad Cook

Cultural Appropriation in Food

In terms of profits, wealthy chefs have an advantage. They can use their platforms and restaurants to reach a larger market. Whether modify or not the recipes, but overall, when they claim ownership, there’s a political disconnection. The appropriator becomes a reference to that recipe and invisibilizes the groups who

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Nomad Cook. White Saviors

Racism in Mexico: Identity, storytelling and white saviors

When we talk about racism in Mexico, we usually think of blatant folks who openly despise black or indigenous people. A battle between good and evil in a Hollywood-style-film where the villain will be defeated, and once that goal is reached; there won’t be more darkness, and we’ll live happily

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Water and Colonialism. Nomad Cook

Water and Colonialism

Photo: Berenice Zambrano / Carlos Enciso A couple of years ago, on my way back to Mexico, I stopped for a few days in Antigua, Guatemala. One morning, at the hostel where I was staying, I was brushing my teeth. Next to me, a white man came to wash his

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Love for Coffee. Nomad Cook

Love for Coffee & Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a special place in the South of Mexico. People that visit here are enamored of the beauty of the capital. Oaxaca is more diverse than that, especially if you go to the little towns outside of it. This is a personal story about how wandering off the beaten

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Nomad Cook. Atzompa Pottery and Clay Tradition

Atzompa Pottery and Clay Tradition

Atzompa Pottery and its Clay Tradition have fame and recognition in Oaxaca, Mexico, and internationally. This little town, located in the city limits of Oaxaca de Juárez. When I visited Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca, around a year ago, I met the Martínez Alarzón family. I arrived at their workshop Taller

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