A Story of a Nomad that tells Stories

A story of a Nomad: The Women of Lajastambo.

A Story of a Nomad This time, as I promised in my previous video from Cochabamba, I have an update. I’m gonna talk about how this project changed since the beginning until the present. I’m going to tell you a story of a Nomad, a Nomad Cook. One of the most critical moments of this […]

Food of the World and its People

Nomad Cook in Mercado El Cardonal. Valparaíso, Chile

The Nomad Cook project strives to support marginalized and developing projects and communities. Through video, photography, and technology. I share my tools with them so that they can have a voice that otherwise would be more difficult to have. Cooking and traveling are a keystone to achieve this goal, it was also the way this idea […]

Bolivian Food in Cochabamba

Bolivian food in Cochabamba

Bolivian food in Cochabamba Bolivian food is a very diverse cuisine. It has many influences, but its core is indigenous with some additions from the Spaniard colonization, that came from the Peruvian side (remember that Bolivia used to be part of Peru), but there are also some dishes like Tucumanas and Salteñas that are a […]

Acarajé in Salvador, Bahia

Nomad Cook in Salvador, Bahia

Acarajé in Salvador, Bahia Acarajé Acarajé is a popular dish in the city of Salvador da Bahia. However, its origins were back in Africa some centuries ago, and when Portuguese colonizers brought slaves from there. They brought their traditions and food to the new land. The Brazilian version is a bread made of black-eyed-peas deep fried […]


Pão de queijo in Brumadinho

Pão de Queijo Pão de queijo recipe was one of my obsessions since I learned hot to make it. When I was in Brazil, I improved my recipe, because I made lots of pão de queijo. I’m sort of obsessed with this bread. This taste was born some years ago when I was living abroad, […]