Los Sabores del Conflicto

Los Sabores del Conflicto

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Zo8AHZ62Q Los Sabores del Conflicto is a documentary that talks about women of the region of Buenaventura, Colombia. This region suffered massacres some years ago and is still recovering from the armed conflict. Cooking has helped them to get ahead after losing relatives or had to abandon their places and leave everything behind. In the […]

Cultivo Tiradentes

Nomad Cook visits Cultivo Tiradentes

Cultivo Tiradentes After preparing Minas Gerais food, I visited Cultivo Tiradentes; I got invited by the staff of Cultivo Bistrô to try out their delicious food and concept; and had a pleasant conversation with Daniel, co-owner of Cultivo. Tiradentes is one of my favorite towns from my trip through South America; I also took one of […]

Minas Gerais Food

Minas Gerais food

Minas Gerais Food When people around the world think of Brazilian food, some dishes like feijoada will come to your mind, maybe, if you have some Brazilian friends you’ve heard about pão de queijo. But inside of this big and beautiful country. Minas Gerais food is famous for being delicious. The state of MG This […]

Brazilian Feijoada

Getting ingredients for Brazilian Feijoada at Sao Paulo Central Market

Brazilian Feijoada Hey everyone! Welcome back to one more cooking video. This time, my friend Maiara is going to show us how to prepare a delicious Brazilian Feijoada. One of the most famous and representative Brazilian dishes. Some history Brazilian Feijoada was created some centuries ago when the slavery in Brazil was still a thing. […]

Scouting: Barrero land of chipa

Barrero, Paraguay. Land of Chipa

Barrero, land of chipa This time, I visited Barrero, land of chipa, to learn some more about this bread, filled with delicious cheese. So, we drove all the way to Eusebio Ayala, better known as Barrero; 2 hours away from Asuncion, to visit María Ana, also known as The Queen of the Chipa. And as a […]